The new flexographic printing press strengthens Jaakkoo-Taara’s label printing capabilities and flexible production

Our factory has received a new generation flexographic printing press, which takes our label printing to a new level while supporting sustainable production. The press was installed in February, and thorough user training was conducted to ensure that we harness its full potential.

The new flexographic printing press features 7 color units and is used primarily for printing labels for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and natural product industries. It is capable of printing on both paper and plastic materials. Our company also offers digital label printing. The versatile printing options promote production flexibility. 

The printing press supports sustainable production in many ways. With it, the use of Jaakkoo-Taara’s resources can be optimized even further. Additionally, the press’s speed, quicker setup times, and improved ergonomics promote efficient production.

This investment reaffirms our commitment to excellent quality and service while developing our operations in a sustainable manner.