The solar power plant supports our environmental program and reduces our CO2 emissions

At the end of last year, we installed 800 solar panels on the roof of our manufacturing facility as the solar power project was completed.

The objectives of the project supported our environmental program. We aimed to increase the use of renewable energy for the electricity we procure. We wanted, as well, to reduce electricity procurement costs by utilizing the electricity production of our solar power plant.

The solar panels generate electricity for our factory’s use

According to calculations, the solar power plant produces 280 MWh per year. We can cover some of our factory’s electricity production with this amount. One of the benefits of solar panels is that by aligning the peak hours of electricity consumption with solar electricity production, we can maximize their utility. Also, the panels generate electricity immediately and collect energy even on cloudy days based on the amount of light available.

The plant’s environmental impact is significant: it reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 37.8 tons per year and by 1100 tons over its entire lifecycle.

With solar panels, we increase the capacity of renewable energy

Our plant’s capacity is 334.34 kWp. We want to be part of increasing the renewable energy capacity in Finland, and our plant is an important investment toward this goal.

The solar power plant was implemented by Turku Energia. The project provided employment opportunities for professionals, resulting in 120 person-days of employment.