Tailored printing services for companies

We offer our customers other services as well, which they can make use of at their discretion. These include a dynamic extranet, which makes it possible to monitor the progress of the customer's own orders. Also on offer are our packaging design services, which can plan and model 3D cartons.


The VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) service integrates the customer's systems with those of Jaakkoo-Taara. When the systems are able to talk to each other, the production control system can access real-time information about the customer's situation. The customer does not need to make separate orders. Instead, we follow the consumption forecast and warehouse situation and deliver new material flexibly. Automation brings more efficiency to production, reduces manual work, and speeds up the process. The benefits of the system include high transparency and flexibility.

Security print

Jaakkoo-Taara has the capability to implement the most demanding special requirements regarding the security, identification, and traceability of packages. We are able to print both microtext as well as special lacquer texts that are visible only under certain types of light. We can also provide holograms. In addition, we produce individualised 2D bar code stickers.

Packaging design

Jaakkoo-Taara has its own packaging designer who can design cartons from start to finish. We are also able to carry out 3D modelling of cartons and produce from this a PDF file for the customer. PDF is a convenient file type for customers because it works on all machines. PDF models can be rotated and examined from different angles.


Jaakkoo-Tara's extranet-based follow-up system for orders and deliveries is available to all of our customers. Extranet navigation is fast and dynamic. The extranet makes it easier to monitor customer orders, and the customer can also see in real time when a delivery leaves Jaakkoo-Taara and thus anticipate the arrival of the delivery.

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The Automation Engine automatically deals with many of the repro work stages. The system automatically deals with matters such as the process for reprinting and proof traffic. It independently finds the old material, copies it into a new folder, and prints out the printing cylinders.

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