Responsible and environmentally friendly business activities

We have responsible and environmentally friendly operating methods. Most of the raw materials used in Jaakkoo-Tara's cartons are wood fibre, a recyclable material. A well-functioning environmental system allows us to efficiently reduce environmental impact. In addition, the ISO 14001 environmental system brings with it operating methods that benefit all of our customer segments.

ISO 14001

Our environmental system pays attention to matters such as waste management, waste sorting, reduction of waste quantities, and energy consumption. Printing activities are guided by many different laws and regulations on issues such as the use of metal cylinders, inks, and chemicals, and their recycling and disposal.


The PEFC label ensures that the fibre raw material of the printed product meets the requirements for ecologically, socially, and economically responsible production.



Keep the Archipelago Tidy

Jaakkoo-Taara is working in co-operation with the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. The Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association takes care of boat users' waste by maintaining waste collection points and dry toilets all around the archipelago as well as running various projects which investigate, for example, the dumping of litter into the sea.

NewTree project

We are participants in a sustainable development project promoting the use of fibre-based and recyclable packaging materials. The main funder of the project is the Finnish Forest Foundation.

Code of Conduct

In accordance with our ethical code of conduct we bear responsibility for our customer relations, our personnel, and the environment. We respect and appreciate our business partners and our entire personnel. Our personnel's terms of employment meet, at the very least, the minimum requirements laid down by national legislation.


EHS policy (Environment, Health and Safety) defines a company's responsibility for the environment, the physical and mental health of personnel, and safety at the workplace. Jaakkoo-Taara's employees have a healthy work environment as well as insurance and health care.

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