High-quality services and products

Quality is the foundation of all of our activities. It is a standard part of our everyday work processes and integrated into every employee's working methods. Without an audited ISO 9001 quality system we would not be able to function. As many of our customers are companies in the pharmaceutical and food sectors, we must follow equally high standards of quality and quality control in our activities.

ISO 9001

We have an audited quality system. The Jaakkoo-Taara quality handbook is a real, functional tool which helps in the management of work processes. Customer requirements are also stored in the quality handbook, which is maintained and run using the Share Point system.


We follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in all our production. We implement product-safe production methods that have been agreed on in cooperation with our customers. With their help our production has become smoother and more profitable. The right attitude toward safety and the requirements of GMP are good starting points for developing activities.


Our equipment is capable of detailed inspection of our printed products down to the pixel level. The equipment can detect even the most minute deviations, such as a missing part of an individual letter or a missing comma. The proofreading software also optically measures the height of the Braille text used on our packages and is able to read the text as well. Our system is validated according to the GMP requirements.


Quality control and quality assurance are an everyday part of our activities. Our entire personnel are committed to quality control, and they monitor and ensure that everything operates as it should in accordance with guidelines set in advance. With the help of continuing quality assurance we can find out what activities need further development.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a method of analysing and controlling risks. It has been applied globally to security risks connected with the handling of foodstuffs, and it has been used widely as a basis for self-supervision systems.

ISO 12647-2

Jaakkoo-Tara's printing machines are calibrated in accordance with the ISO 12647-2 standard. This is the general standard that applies to offset printing machines. Calibration involves the CMYK four-colour set. The ISO standard defines the colour space and printing quality duplicated by the printing machines. Thanks to the calibration, our customers get precisely the same colour of printing from both of JT's printing locations.

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