Quality management and integration as part of an effective packaging industry supply chain!

Monday 26.02.2018

Quality management and integration as part of an effective packaging industry supply chain!

Companies must identify their best products and services and keep up with their development. Based in Turku, Jaakkoo-Taara is a company whose core competence includes producing packaging products for the pharmaceutical and food industries and performance management in services and across the supply chain.

A profitable company that invests in technological development is a good partner, and that is what Jaakkoo-Taara wants to be.The company has two production units: one in Lieto and another in Turku.

Printed packaging products and the related supply chain management are part of Jaakkoo-Taara’s core competence. The company has a long history and, among other things, it has produced cartons for the pharmaceutical industry since 1946.

The company has continually upgraded its machinery and equipment and developed new software. This has resulted in a smooth integration with customer systems as well as high-quality packaging products.

“A lack of systems integration and using cheaper equipment will ultimately be the more expensive option due to all the repairs, spare parts and downtime. Moreover, the machines that we purchase are always compatible. We have managed to make good choices when upgrading our equipment, and this guarantees our delivery reliability. Our latest purchase is Xeikon 3500, a digital printing press.”

Thomas Brusila, Managing Director

Prioritising quality management

Quality is an essential part of cost efficiency across the supply chain.

When you look at the entire quality chain in detail, you may encounter additional costs or delays in surprising places if there are shortcomings in quality management. We have sustainable actions and continuity that guarantee high quality. The quality of a company affects the entire supply chain.

True systems integration

The company has made strong investments also in digital services. Our service solution can be integrated with the customer’s systems.

Digital asset management, for example, is part of our digital services. Jaakkoo-Taara’s customers may have a service suite that includes an asset library service. It is used for managing assets and implementing version control for cloud content. When everyone’s systems are communicating, the owner of the asset can always see that an order has been made and with the correct version, for example. Integration is much more than this – we will gladly tell you about the different options!


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