Please deliver the material ready for printing in an enclosed form, i.e. as a PDF file or native file. The PDF document must include all material that is connected with it (fonts, pictures, logos, etc.) Complete the PDF documents using a PostScript document. Use the Jaakkoo-Taara PDF installation file (JobOptions) in order to generate the PDF.


From the links below you can load the JobOptions settings for Acrobat Distiller.

Instruction: Right-click on the link and press "Save target as". Change the file terminal (joboptions).

Cartons, label and booklets

Commercial printing, information leafles etc.


Recommended file forms are TIFF,EPS and PSD. The resolution of the pictures must be at least 300 dpi and the colour space CMYK.

Transfer media

Material can be delivered to us via:

  • e-mail
  • CD / DVD
  • FTP

Jaakkoo-Taara Prepress department e-mail: 

Ftp codes can be acquired through our Prepress department.


Jaakkoo-Taara recommends the use of Adobe Type1 and OpenType fonts. The fonts must be either attached or converted to paths. It should be noted that after conversion into paths we are unable to make corrections to the text.

Accompanying material

We recommend the inclusion of a manuscript or layout as well as other missing material, such as pictures to be scanned.

Material transfer

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Instructions for material transfer

With the material transfer form you can move files onto a JT server.

Recognised files include "*.zip *.pdf *.tif *.sit *.eps". Fields indicated with an asterisk are mandatory.
Avoid special characters in the file name (#,%,&,\, etc.).

Instant messaging

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